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Intelligent Business Process Automation

Successful companies understand that process is at the heart of everything they do. Regardless of what products or services they are prepared to deliver to their clients it all comes up short if there is not the right process. The top companies compete on process not product and services. Titan Global Technologies understands this and offers organizations of all sizes “No-Code Business Process Management Solutions” that enable a business to gain competitive advantage within the marketplace.

No-Code BPM Implementation

Titan Global Technologies unique solutions powered by Instaknow-ACETM Software patented real-time automation platform, implements SOA and BPM capabilities in a revolutionary approach to create No- Code Business Process Management Solutions. Our solution performs real-time interactions with other applications, on either side of the firewall, without XML, using patented and Intelligent “No-Code BPM Interaction”. This unique product enables any organisation to adjust and change business logic as needed, without coding and without the need to make previous informational data investments obsolete.

Disparate product and customer information have been a problem for most companies in providing good customer service. Customer and product data is often stored in various data stores and legacy silos across the organization. The distribution of data is a major barrier to achieving an enterprise-wide view of customer relationships and restricts and organizations response time to meet the need of its customers. Legacy systems cause duplication of processes various products and services in siloed back-offices. The hard-coded nature of these systems stands in the way of achieving efficiencies and increases the cost of system maintenance.

Titan Global Technologies delivers a No-Code approach to development which can quickly assist an organisation to connect and integrate any system, process and or methodology. Experience the empowerment of a ‘360 degree view of your customers at all times through the implementation of a solution tailored to your company and powered by Instaknow-ACETM Software.

Investigative Solutions powered by Instaknow-ACETM

Instaknow-ACE ® provides unmatched advances in real-time decision empowerment. With Instaknow, the data continues to reside in the original source systems. It is retrieved just-in-time when needed, correlated and evaluated in split seconds to assure real-time awareness needed for reliable operational decision making. Sources of data can be legacy systems, Web sites, XML, data feeds, Excel, PDF, WORD, project plans, CAD drawings, databases, e-mails…. practically any and all electronic data you are authorized to access.

Investigative Solution Uses

  • Automated Fraud Investigation (AFI)
  • Automated Investigative Research
  • Automated Competitive Intelligence

How AFI Works:

AFI learns from investigators as they perform the routine tasks of searching for, gathering and compiling data.

AFI then takes these learning’s and begins performing the monotonous manual work of gathering and compiling data.

AFI does this all without the need to recode or change your internal systems in any way.

AFI deploys seamlessly into your existing network and begins delivering tangible business results almost immediately.

How AFI Does:

Reads/updates/gathers electronic data anywhere: databases, websites, e-mails, attachments,documents (Excel, Word, PDFs), blogs, legacy system screens, and more.

Delivers results to core systems just like trained staff.

Handles a magnitude of more cases than human investigators can.

Searches an unlimited number of databases quickly & accurately without the burn-out factor associated with human fatigue.

Discovers, correlates, updates & publishes real time data.

Deploys in less than 4 months without changes to existing systems.

Produces substantial benefits right from the start

  • Reduced payouts by identifying fraudulent claims fast.
  • Cuts time, effort & cost of investigations.
  • Reduced hiring & training expenses.
  • Improved accuracy & increased throughput.
  • Accesses more data than a human can alone.

Supply Chain Solutions

Managing the supply chain with today’s enterprise applications requires the constant coordination of activities across functions and systems that come complete with unanticipated changes and escalating demands of customers and marketing. Ensuring that you have the right product in the right places at the right time is a challenge within itself let alone the constant demand to change your approach.

Supply Chain Solution (SCS) powered by Instaknow – AceTM can assist your organization in gaining accurate insight into the performance of your suppliers, carriers, customers and workers anywhere in the world. Our solutions can assist your organization in the fulfillment process which has become complex over the years regardless of which ERP system is currently in place. This coupled with the added challenges of business changes such as mergers and acquisitions have driven the need for more robust order management capabilities that spans organizations and systems.

Supply Chain Solution (SCS) powered by Instaknow – AceTM can help in coordinating your entire supply chain-including your warehouse, transportation network and order management system-can be synchronized to help you save costs, eliminate inefficiencies and increase revenue. And, you can maximize your labor resources while improving relationships with trading partners while saving time and money.

Supply Chain Solution (SCS) powered by Instaknow-Ace TM benefits are dramatic and include:

  • Supply-Demand Synchronization
  • Reduced Transportation Costs
  • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Higher Asset/Inventory Utilization
  • Improved Cash Flow and Margins
  • Emission Footprint Benchmarking

Supply Chain Solution (SCS) powered by Instaknow-AceTM can be integrated into businesses of all sizes, from individual ports of entry all the way to enterprise global supply chain solutions.

“Delivering on the Promise of Real-time Global Visibility”

Supply Chain

Save Hundreds of Hours with Automated Web Research

How many hours have you and your team spent hunched over a keyboard, pouring through website after website, generating leads, conducting competitive intelligence, or performing any number of routine web research activities?

Dozens, hundreds, thousands…………..

What if you could walk away from the keyboard, and conduct all your web research with a single click?

What if you could produce more results faster, with less headcount and at a vastly reduced cost?

What if you could employ a tireless research expert to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no burn out and no mistakes.

Instaknow’s Insta-Intelligence solution is that expert, and it can totally transform the way you conduct research.

Instaknow’s intelligent software automates the manually intensive process of web research, accomplishing in minutes what traditional research methods accomplish in days.

Insta-Intelligence solution is built of our multi-patented Human Intelligence Automation (HIA) technology, learning from and mimicking actual human search behavior. Scouring an unlimited number of internal and external data sources, such as Google, social media sites, and CRM data bases, the software compiles and delivers it results in real time, updating databases and alerting project leads with its findings.

Examples of Insta-Intelligence Solutions Include:

  • Sales Intelligence
  • Targeted Lead Generation
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Internet Market Research
  • Product Development
  • Identification of Key Opinion Leaders
  • Any kind on of web research a human can conduct