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Get the most from your Instaknow Solutions ………

Making changes to your existing systems can often be a lengthy, convoluted process requiring untold hours of professional and other support services.

Often the solution doesn’t easily integrate with the existing architecture or the capabilities don’t live up to the claims, resulting in lengthy implementations and increased costs.

With our Instaknow solutions, neither problem exists. Our software programs itself from your business process examples. No systems need to change, dramatically reducing the risk involved in changing systems. Our services team focuses on helping you get the most from your Instaknow Human Intelligence Automation Suite in minimal time, utilizing a comprehensive set of services.

Instaknow solutions have enabled customers in many industries to accelerate the way they automate their processing to drive down the cost of doing business and accelerate their offerings time to market. Avoiding costly rework and user downtime is a critical success factor when developing these solutions. It necessitates establishing a process that covers the complete development lifecycle, incorporates a repeatable deployment method, and scales quickly as needs change – challenging tasks for many organisations.

Support Services

Support for Maximum Reliability and Productivity

At Titan Global, we know you rely on our “Human Intelligence Automation” platform/solutions to operate very important parts of your business. That’s why the Titan Global Support Services Group provides business and operational users with full project life cycle services for their Instaknow solution deployments. Our expertise from hundreds of successful solution deployments across a wide array of industries and in-depth knowledge of Instaknow’s technology will ensure rapid and successful deployments of very sophisticated solutions and shorten your solution time-to-benefit to weeks, not years.

Whenever you need assistance, our customer support professionals are available, providing you with:

  • Up-to-date support and installation information on current and new releases
  • Advice on getting the most out of Instaknow technology
  • Timely responses and resolutions to inquiries and issues

Training Services

Maximize the value of your Instaknow platform

Instaknow Academy offers several options for training:

  • Classroom training: hands-on, instructor-led classes that combine lecture and exercises with real systems, processes, and Instaknow software.
  • Onsite training: Most classroom courses and (customized) workshops are also offered onsite for partners or customers.
  • Instaknow Academy “Boot Camp”: A highly accelerated, intense five day training class specifically designed for Instaknow partners and System Integrators. The Instaknow Academy Boot Camp compresses ten days of basic and advanced training into five long days. It is ideal for those companies that need to jump start their training while being respectful of other obligations their professional services personnel may have.
  • Course materials: Order the course materials directly from Instaknow Academy to learn and practice some more advanced features in Instaknow

Managed Services

Implement, maintain and operate business processes on behalf of our client – with “virtual software assistants” running on the Titan Global infrastructure.

To optimise speed to implement and therefore to benefit, Titan Global has introduced a Managed Service. This delivers an IT infrastructure solution as well as our process automation professional services. Benefits include rapid deployment and scalability, without the teething troubles often encountered with IT delivered by a client or another third party. A Managed Service frees our clients to focus on their processes and driving necessary change across their organisation. Titan Global can provide a full stack of services for a predictable monthly fee.