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Instaknow-ACE® – What is it?

Instaknow is enterprise-strength Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that intelligently automates very complex business processes involving unstructured data with Human-like intelligence, to greatly reduce operational costs is robust, highly scalable, powerful and flexible, designed from first principles to provide organisations with a business owned and IT supported Intelligent Virtual Workforce.

Your Instaknow “Virtual Workforce” is configured, managed and owned by an accredited  team spanning both business, operations and technology that will adhere to a comprehensive, enterprise wide process automation strategy. It’s code-free and can automate any business process in a non-invasive way.

In short –  Instaknow’s unique, patented Human Intelligence Automation products use embedded learning and natural language processing to vastly reduce the work your staff has to do across fragmented systems and unstructured data.

How Instaknow works:

Instaknow’s “Human Intelligence Automation” software has patented “human-like” capabilities to fill the gaps in current process automation architectures like SOA/EDI/BPA/BPM. It specializes in processing fuzzy, unstructured and fragmented information, converting it to structured information and linking it to your core systems in real-time.

Why choose Instaknow:

Instaknow’s unique, patented Human Intelligence Automation products use embedded learning and natural language processing to vastly reduce the work your staff has to do across fragmented systems and unstructured data.


Instaknow Products

What Instaknow offers:

Benefits to the business

Instaknow can help you streamline and eliminate manually intensive business processes to accelerate your business, provide better customer service and eliminate costly delays in gathering information required for critical decisions and new product launches.

  • Virtual FTE’s are much cheaper than traditional FTEs and can work 24 x 7 x 365
  • Intelligently process information that today requires manual handling. Examples are reading and updating Web sites, e-mails, attachments, documents (Excel, Word, PDF, Project plans etc.), blogs, Web searches, legacy system screens etc.
  • Feed the results of this processing automatically into your core systems, just like your trained staff would
  • Handle more work items in minutes than people can do in days
  • Be deployed in less than 3 months and WITHOUT changes to any systems, eliminating risk of system disturbance

Benefits to IT

Leveraging Instaknow’s unmatched technical advances, IT departments can offer innovative business solutions to their business partners. Thanks to Instaknow’s “No-change-to-any-system” and “Self-program” paradigms, you can deploy more value to your business with minimal resources and highly compressed timelines.

The “High Availability Architecture”enables high performance, failover and disaster recovery scenarios to be provided as well as addressing potentially significant seasonal variations in operational demand.

We will help you to meet the highest expectations in terms of cost control and agility

Instaknow is highly scalable and can be provisioned in the cloud or as an on-premise enterprise deployment.

Who uses Instaknow:

Many organizations in various industries have achieved real business benefits by choosing the Instaknow Human Intelligence Automation Platform, exploiting the full potential of their personnel and markets with faster innovation and increased speed of processing.

From major pharmaceutical companies to the largest US financial institutions to the world’s biggest shipping and transportation companies to the US Military have all deployed strategic and highly reliable Human Intelligence Automation solutions with Instaknow.

Check out some of Instaknow’s global clients.

Instaknow Modules:

Natural Language Processing with InstaNLP®

Automated Processing of Text with Human-like Accuracy

InstaNLP® is an Artificial Intelligence based platform that extracts the meaning of free-form text from any electronic source, understands, and answers questions about it. It continually learns new words and phrases from dictionaries, encyclopedias and user input to improve speed and breadth of knowledge. Based on its understanding of the text, it can generate intelligent summaries or convert text into highly structured data.

Insta-Intelligence ™

Research Automation and Web Mining

Instaknow has deep expertise in advanced Web mining and research automation. Our experience has shown that LESS THAN 1% of the information returned by any search engine is useful in a more targeted business context. Instaknow’s Web mining replaces work of hundreds of people, dramatically cutting costs. The results are stored and shown in a highly flexible, fine tuned access control manner for rapid and fully informed actions.

Instaknow’s easy, robust and patented capabilities in Web extraction and HTML automation means you can monitor blogs, newspapers, specialized search engines as well as the ‘Deep Web” 24 x 7 and make nuggets of specific “trigger” information actionable faster than any other scanning technology or hundreds of eyeballs.

Instaknow’s “Insta-Intell ™” Web Mining framework is multi-lingual. Currently it supports Web mining in 25 languages. The specific reason/context of your interest can be specified in any language through a user friendly browser interface. The Web mining results are translated back into your preferred language. Complex, UNICODE languages are supported.

Complex Data Extraction

Automated extraction of text/image data from unstructured documents

Accurately extracting text/image data from unstructured documents (PDF, Word, Excel, Web pages, E-mails), which do not have an underlying technical structure like XML or field identifiers, has always been a challenge for all conventional technologies. This means people must read each document and re-enter data; increasing processing cost, time and errors.

Instaknow’s patented Artificial Intelligence processes massive numbers of very complex documents to eliminate manual processing for Fortune 500 clients in Banking, Supply Chain, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Law, Insurance and Government.

Using human-eyeball-like scanning of each document’s layout, Instaknow can correctly decide which text is related to which header or label in that document, WITHOUT needing the underlying technical structure like XML or field identifiers. Data can be laid out DIFFERENTLY in different documents. If a human eyeball can find and isolate the data of interest, Instaknow can do it too, regardless of variations. Documents do NOT need to be in specific technical formats. They can be text documents or image/scan documents, with one or multiple pages.


Automated Fraud Investigation (AFI) powered by Instaknow-ACETM is a proprietary, customizable solution that can significantly mitigate losses associated with multiple types of fraud.

AFI employs a patented fuzzy matching capability that uncovers fuzzy correlations among a variety of categories, including, but not limited to: people, vehicles, addresses, claims, convictions, warrants, educational background, and career specialization.

The solution enables searching an unlimited number of databases quickly and accurately without the burn-out factor associated with human fatigue.

It learns to discover, correlate, conclude, update, and publish real time data across enterprise systems, web sites, search engines, portals, blogs, mainframes, emails, Excel, Word, PDFs, databases – and more.


InstaMed powered by Instaknow-ACETM is a state of the art, comprehensive solution for the digitization of the Health Care Systems. The system utilizes the latest biometrically secured medical smart cards for access at all levels of the system from the patient to the first responders, medical providers, hospitals, insurance companies, government agencies, and pharmacists.

The InstaMed system provides the required information to each stakeholder, based on their respective roles and need to know. The backbone of the system is the Instaknow-ACE search engine – which provides an open architecture that enables the integration of new applications as technology evolves, while still interfacing with the current systems.

Instaknow enables the interoperability of a variety of data bases irrespective of the data format (XML, HTML etc) without the need to write new software. Applications such as DOMEX’ a language translation tool, enable the system to ingest documents in any format or media and translate it to the desired language.

Implementation and deployment of the InstaMed system will provide rapid access to critical data in a secure manner, reduce medical and prescription errors, minimize and eventually eliminate paper files, minimize the possibility of fraud, provide rapid re-imbursements to health providers, reduce operating cost for health care providers and patients while improving services.The InstaMed system also enables agencies to maintain the knowledge base as personnel change in an organisation, making the training of new personnel easier and less costly.


Eurika powered by Instaknow-ACETM is an Open Source Intelligence Collection System that can be employed by the Military, a variety of Security and Law Enforcement Agencies. The Eureka system to gathers and displays information available for collection and interpretation from a variety of sources and presents that information to an operator in the format that he/she desires.

The system can operate in the background based on criteria selected by the operator, monitoring specified sources, for example data bases, web sites, media outlets etc, and when the specified critical events take place an alert is provided to the operator.

Instaknow consists of pre- programmed wizards that can be optimized by the operator though drop down menus that enable the system to conduct different applications. The system’s artificial intelligence enables the system to learn as it conducts the various operations. Instaknow’s open architecture enables the integration of new applications as they become available thus continuously updating the systems capabilities, while still enabling it to interface with older operating systems and data bases.

The system is capable of accessing data from different data bases irrespective of the data format. It is a critical tool for any intelligence officer whether in the military, homeland security (Border Protection Office, Drug Interdiction Agent, Foreign Service Officer), and other Law Enforcement officials.

The system provides a state of the art capability for counter terrorism and other mission areas.